Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Little Gym

This child may have his Daddy's eyes, but every other little thing about him, is his Mama! He loves slushes from Sonic, sweet and dill pickles, salad with balsamic vinegar dressing, and GYMNASTICS!! After weeks and weeks of running around this house after the little monkey, Jon and I decided to enroll Luke in a gymnastics class. This place has mini bars, mini springboard and beam. So cute! Can I say, HE LOVES IT! The very first day he walked into " The Little Gym", he was in HOG heaven. His poor vocal cords must be inflamed after every session because he squeals just about the entire time we're there. It's hilarious! I secretly wonder if the other Moms think I'm giving him sugar water before each session...he screams so hard his entire body shakes!!
My Mama and Daddy have told me that when I was little I would do handstands against the doors and open the door with my feet...I would also pretend the back of the couch was a balance beam...I've missed coaching gymnastics and this kinda feels the void!
I know this won't last forever, but one day when he's big, and too cool for his Mama, I'll remember our Mommy and Me gymnastics classes and the look in his eye when I open the door for him at "The Little Gym"

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