Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Luke's 2nd Birthday!

We went to "My Gym" for Luke's 2nd birthday. I just can't believe we are already celebrating his 2nd year! He has brought us so much happiness and we love laughing with him. He is doing so much these days, asking "why" even when that question isn't warranted in our conversations. But, I just make up something to answer his "question". He loves the Cars movie and he's big into Thomas the Train. He is a BIG lover...he loves to give hugs and kisses, but he definitely has my temper and isn't afraid to show it. But I guess the best thing about him are his hugs and kisses. Nothing can compare to hearing your child say, "I love you Mama!" It just melts your heart. But, better than that is, "I love you baby sister!"

Luke and La La in the ball pit.
Addison on the slide.
Luke rode a motorcycle around the gym while everyone cheered!
He loved the bars!

Luke and Jace having a GREAT time!
They had a zip line in the gym and Luke LOVED it! I guess it was a good thing it was his birthday because he kept riding it over and over again. We're still learning the "sharing" concept. Luke and Harrison on the trampoline. Miss Caroline came along for the festivities, but decided to snooze while everyone played.
We opened presents at home because we didn't have time at the party.

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