Saturday, October 17, 2009

State Fair of Texas

We stopped for a second to enjoy a Fletcher corny dog!  Yummalicious!

Luke feeding the animals in the petting zoo...he loved it! 

Last year when we took this picture, Miss Caroline was in my belly...this year Harrison has a little brother/little sister on the way!  Can't wait to take this picture next year with the new addition!! 

The pictures above are at the Farm Exhibition!  It is a small mini farm complete with "animals" to feed, a farm to plant and grow your crop, and a John Deere Tractor. 

This was Luke's first year to ride the rides and play a game.  He's been talking about that motorcycle ever since. 

These pictures are from the Texas Skyway Gondola.  It was really neat to see a complete view of the Fair!  AND a nice ride closer to our car...

We coudn't leave without saying goodbye to Big Tex! 

If you EVER watch College Football on ESPN this picture needs no introduction...these guys were gearing up for the BIG OU vs. TEXAS weekend!  I always see these guys on tv on game was really neat to see them in person! 

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