Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lovable Lips!

Do you get the Parents magazine?  There are so many great articles and information in each copy!  When I opened my copy recently, I found a page with a MK product!  I was so excited.  The MK lip gloss is perfect to wear over your lipstick or alone.  I never have time to apply my lip gloss before I leave the house, so I keep about 4 different lip glosses in my diaper bag!  I know I'll never leave the house with my diaper bag, so if I leave the lip glosses in there, I'll for sure have something to throw on my lips!  
I started using these lip glosses for the VERY same reason they are listed in this article...because they do not leave smug marks on your sweet babies head!  AND since I kiss my children repeatedly over the day...I stopped wearing lipgloss.  I started using this lipgloss when Luke was a baby and I've used it every day since! 
My favorite for the winter is Sweet Raisin 

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