Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

I can only go so long before I go back home!  There's something about Louisiana that I love...actually there are many things about this state that I love.  I love how this state is covered in wetlands and how it is, what they call, a "Sportsman's Paradise!"  I didn't appreciate this state for what it was when I lived here, but now I miss it terribly!  I miss water skiing every summer of my entire on Cane River and Kincaid Lake, and only stopping to eat watermelon with my hands and spitting the seeds in the water.  I miss all the Crawfish boils, Zydeco music and ALL the festivals!  There is a festival for anything and everything you can imagine (i.e. Crawfish Festival, Rabbit Festival, Boudin and Cracklin Festival, Strawberry Festival, Cochon de la Festival (That would be French for "Roasting a Pig"), Mayhaw Festival, Corn Festival, Duck Festival, Sugar Cane Festival, oh and the list goes on and on... )
But, there's something in the air, literally, that I miss.  As soon as we drive down I-49 and we get to Boyce, it smells like smells fresh, clean and like clovers.  It must be the humidity or the miles and miles of farmland, but the smell brings me back home.  I remember as a little girl laying in the grass, in a pile of green clovers and wasting the day away.
I'm from Alexandria, which is right in the middle of the state.  It's also nicknamed, the "Crossroads."
I miss places like this, bayous and lakes...which are everywhere!  My Grandparents house backs up to a bayou...which has decreased over time, but when it's full, it's pretty.  Ever so often a flock of geese make their way down the bayou.      

Luke's loving every minute of being parents live on our family farm and there are countless acres of land for him to ride his gator.  Now,  Sister is learning how to ride the 4wheeler and is having so much fun! 
I sat on the back porch this morning, with my Community Coffee and The new MK Look Book and watched Luke log miles and miles on his gator, while Sister took her morning nap.  I couldn't think of another place I'd rather be...I'm soaking up every minute of it!  

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