Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just love these girls.  We decided to start a playdate group with our families when we had our little friends, it seems years ago now, 3 to be exact.  We were all friends before we had children, but just ended up having them really around the same time and became even closer because of it. 
It was a dreary outside, so we moved the party into the garage. 
Jace and Addison on the sand, sans water table.
The kids love playing with Mike.  He's a big teddy bear!
Sister got in on a little action herself with Miss Addison!
Luke received a fun ring toss from Heather and Jace, he chose to wear the rings around the his head instead of tossing them.  Real appropriate!! 
Sweet Caroline...
Oh she had so much fun with this...Mike decided to put her in the dump truck and push her over to me.  Then everyone wanted to do it!

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Kitchen Belleicious said...

Gosh I wish I lived by you so we could do playdates-come to think of it we could do spa days as well! LOL! Thank you for the sweetest and funny comments on my blog. You are beautiful, a true southern girl. I love the pics of your family. They are so cute.
Okay, about the body and arms. First of all thanks- secondly, I HAVE NO IDEA. I sreiously don't know what happened to me. In highschool I was rather "big" and then I got to college and BOOM metabolism overload or something because my whole body changed or something. I do love to run and play tennis though. Speaking of the arms- they come from lugging around my 24 pound son all day long! He can walk but loves to be held! I am your newest follower and will definitely be staying in touch because I just LOVE YA! XOXO Jessica