Saturday, September 18, 2010


We're already getting ready for Halloween this year!  I LOVE Halloween.  It's my favorite's always been my favorite holiday, but since I've had Luke and Caroline, Christmas is coming in close to first.  I came across these pajamas and just couldn't pass them up.  
This is what we're thinking for Halloween...Luke is in deep with John Deere Tractors, especially since he rode one all summer long with Daddy.  He's going to be a John Deere Tractor (farming Strawberry's specifically) and Sister's going to be a................Strawberry!!  I found THE cutest Strawberry made out of red minky fabric for sister and I came across a John Deere Tractor, but when I tried ordering it, I was informed that the costume had been phased out!!!  What, are you kidding me? 
So, now we're in the process of making a tractor!  Now, listen...I usually procrastinate on everything, but if you don't get the costume you want in time, it'll be gone my friend.  When I tried ordering Caroline's costume, it was "out of stock!"  So, I put my name on t the list to be notified by email, so I just got that this week.  Last time that happened, Luke's costume was shipped to the wrong address and we almost didn't get his cute Monkey costume in time!  So, I just don't play that game anymore!  AND since we have to make the tractor this year, I'm not waiting around on that either.  Besides, we have a Halloween party the 2nd week of October with our playgroup, which is right around the corner!  I'll post pictures as soon as we get them together! 

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