Saturday, September 18, 2010

Texas options...salsa!

Ohhhhh, how I miss the SALSA!  When we lived in Texas, the question was never, "Where do you want to eat?", it was "What Salsa do you want?"  Because my friends, there is fabulous mexican food EVERYWHERE!!  The options were just depended on what type of salsa you wanted.  Pappasitos had a great smokey, warm salsa.  Cristina's was chunky, with cilantro (my absolute favorite), Chuy's was similar to a fresh pico de gallo, and El Fenix (love those Wednesday night enchilda's...I tried making the delish sauce they oodled over the cheese enchilada's.  I ended up throwing it away before it ever touched my enchilada's)..anyway El Fenix salsa had a hint of onion and vinegar (my MIL's all time favorite!  Anytime she would come in for a visit, it didn't matter what time of day she arrived, the first and only stop was...El Fenix!  AND usually a trip to Cristina's or El Fenix again before she left!).  
So, when we moved to Lafayette, I craved Mexican!  We've now visited Posada's after church almost every Sunday.  Their salsa is the only one that comes close to Cristina's!  AND the kids love all the tortilla's and ice cream afterwards.
Now the next problem we're facing...Pei Wei??  Where are you??  I miss you so much!  I've heard the closest PF Changs is in Baton Rouge, but basically that's like driving from McKinney to Dallas.  People here think that's probably just the craziest thing ever, but that's nothing in DFW!! 

I would like to also draw your attention to Caroline in the top picture, this is her new "sassafras" pose..she's eating a tortilla by the way.  She gives you these eyes that could just pierce right through you!  I'm hoping it's just a phase! 

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