Sunday, October 24, 2010

Princess and the "Frog"

Not too long ago we went over to my friend Alysia's for dinner.  Alysia and I have known each other a LONG time and have many ties for many reasons!  Actually, before I moved to Dallas from Lafayette, Alysia and I were roommates!  So, that was nice to know when we were moving back to Lafayette, I already had a friend! 
So, many years later, Alysia and I ended up having our children in the very same year, same day and same time (well, not the same time, but that would have been neat! ;)  So, here are Allie and Luke who share the exact same birthday!   
Luke called me into the bedroom to take a picture.  When I arrived, this is what I saw.  And I was informed they would be getting married! 
If that's the case, at least I know I'll like the In-laws! 

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