Monday, October 25, 2010

State Fair of Texas 2010

We decided to ride the Dart down to the Fair.  The boys loved it!

Luke and Jace getting ready for their first ride on the Dart.

Of course we had to go through the Car show and we came across this motorcycle.  They were in Hog Heaven.

We stopped by the Petting Zoo.

Sister just loves animals.

We always get a photo here!  I love to see how much  the kids grow. 

Last year when Caroline went through the Farm, she strolled instead of walking.  She really enjoyed it this year.  

Picking peaches from the tree.

Planting seeds to grow vegetables.

Feeding the chickens. 

Luke's earned money after bringing his vegetables to the "Farmer's Market."
Had to make a pit stop for the Famous Fletcher's Corny dog.

Jace and Luke LOVED this.

I'm so glad we made the trip for the State Fair.  I remember my Uncle Charlie taking me to the Fair when I was in Middle School and he won a Huge Gorilla for me.  I'll keep taking the kids every year until they get too big and they've got "better" things to do. 

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