Friday, December 3, 2010

Gator rides

It never bothered me to take the kids strolling in my really nice double jogging stroller.  But, as they both have grown, it got really hard to push them around.  So, I finally decided to have them ride in the Gator while I walked.  Although, my walk always depended on the charge of the gator.  If it was charged the night before, I at times had to take off in a full sprint to catch up!  Then there were other days when it was a leisurely walk around the neighborhood because it needed some juice.  Then there were the days when it was on it's last leg and I ended up pushing the darn thing the whole way home!! 
Anyway, it was particularly cold this morning and it died this we didn't get very far and I warmed up really quick because I got to puch them home. 

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