Friday, December 3, 2010

Halloween in Alexandria

Mama and Daddy wanted to see the kids for Halloween, so since we live only such a short drive away these days, we went in for the Zoo Boo.  Mama put together a basket of goodies for the kids and they were playing with everything when we got in. 

 Luke was determined to be a John Deere Green Tractor this year.  I found a really cute tractor costume on the internet and suggested it as a costume.  He was definitely excited about it, to say the least.  When I tried purchasing the tractor, I found out too late that the costume had been phased out and no longer available.  So, I offered other suggestions for costumes, but Luke wouldn't hear of it.  So, I ended up making this costume.  AND I thought since I made it, I would come out cheaper...WRONG!!  The lights on the front lit up and he had decals of John Deere on the sides and front.  He just loved it! 
 I wanted the kids to have matching costumes, so we found a really cute Strawberry.  So Luke is actually a John Deere Stawberry Farmer.  I looked for a soy bean, but nothing was as cute as this Strawberry.  AND I think it fits her perfectly, because she can surely be so times! ;)  She's becoming SO independent these days and wants to do EVERYTHING by herself! 

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