Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall McCann Farm 2011

I was so glad to get some pictures of Daddy and Mike working...I've seen it my whole life, but never thought to capture it.  But the kids love riding the tractor and combine and I knew one day they'd like to see their Papa working on his land. 
Mike on the tractor!

Jon and Luke

Every year my Uncle, Papa and Daddy put out corn to feed the deer to "plump" them up and tease them :(  Poor things just don't know what their self into!

Daddy on the combine with Sister

Can you see her sitting next to him?

Some of the soybeans

Mike after they got the soybeans loaded

Sister stopped for a picture

Marley must be the sweetest dog around the kids

Lukes little buddy

Daddy grows tree on our land and I finally got a picture of them 

Probably one of my most favorite pictures I have taken yet :)

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