Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeeee....

Oh, how did I know that I would be spending my birthday home with the sweetest baby ever??  If you've read the previous posts you know that Luke came down with a virus on Halloween...well I'm going to now refer to it as the "Vicious Virus from Hell!"  When I took Caroline to the doctor yesterday evening she said that she had a virus but couldn't put a name on it...well I have!  This virus is a mother!  You have really HIGH fever, restlessness and oh, just when you're about over have a relapse and it starts all over again exactly one week from the day it started!!  This is how it all began...Luke first came down with the virus on Friday, October 30th!  The following Thursday he was better and we sent him to school...well wouldn't you know it, the next day, Friday, it started all over again.  At the time, we didn't realize it was the "Vicious Virus from Hell", we brought him to the doctor again and he was diagnosed with an ear infection.  So that weekend, we didn't worry so much that Luke played with Caroline.  Well wouldn't you know it, Miss Priss got the virus and the same cycle has started with her.  I think since October 30th, Jon and I have been able to sleep through the night on two occasions only!  I think we're on the tail end of this and hopefully we'll all be better by Thanksgiving...But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! 

I  have been getting very nice birthday wishes today though!  Thanks to everyone!  AND even though Caroline is sick, she's still probably the sweetest sick baby...poor thing.  She's battling the virus, a bad case of teething, the worst congestion ever (snot bubbles and all)...and I made mexican food on Sunday and I've been "drinking" my salsa every day since!  So, she's got the worst gas!  :(  I forgot about all that and realized it after the fact when she's got tummy troubles! 

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