Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Card Pictures

We had Mark Martin at Imaging on the Square take these pictures for us.  He does such a great job and then on top of that, he does an even better job cropping heads and "fixing" things.  It's SO hard to get two little ones to pose for pictures.  Thanks to Holli, she came along to help with the kids.  But, we joked that next year she'll have to come along to help Jon smile and then Heather's going to help with the kids.  In the very first photograph, that's not Caroline's original head shot, that came from another one.  Also, Luke plowed into the concrete the week before and he had a HUGE scar on the left side of his face, Mark was able to "fix" that too.  AND the BIG one, those are NOT Jon's eyes in the first photograph either.  I think Jon needs glasses, although he says different.  His eyes seemed squinty in the original, so we took his eyes from another shot and put them in that photograph too. 

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