Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free as we'll ever be...

I'm really feelin' this right now and can't get enough of it! Latest update on the Endsley's! We've MOVED! Our house in on the market and we're patiently waiting for it to sell. I've got a lot of things that I'm patiently waiting on, but I'm putting it all in the good LORD's hands and letting HIM do with it as HE will. Everything will have it's time and I know there's a sweet family out there looking specfically for our house :) At least that's what I keep telling myself (it's been on the market a whole 4 days!)
Jon's started a new job and is loving every minute of it. I haven't seen him this happy since he last went fishin' and caught a big one! Luke and Caroline are eating up all the attention from my parents and grandparents and I'm just sitting back and taking it all in. All these years I've wanted my children to grow up as I did...running around in the country barefoot, playing hide-n-seek with fourwheelers (they aren't that old yet) in the woods, spending lots of nights at my grandparents table eating fried fish, going to church with my grandparents in Deville, spending the day on the John Deere tractor with my daddy listening to the radio and riding in the air conditioned cab (Luke did that one already, he brought a pillow with him so he could take a nap), and on and on and on.
It's all bittersweet. What I've dreamed and wished for, for so long is happening for my children. But, I left a little piece of me in Texas and I'm starting to miss it. I just keep telling myself, it's ALL going to be OK. HE wouldn't bring us back for nothing, right! It's all for something.
I'm miss Texas, but I'm loving Louisiana again... :)

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