Saturday, January 22, 2011

Before you call below!

I'm sure some of you know (maybe) that my Mama is a successful Senior Sales Director in Mary Kay cosmetics!  She has a nice office set up for any girls dream!  Tons of makeup, lotions, lipgloss, mascara, perfume, I mean it's a mini Neiman Marcus!  Ha!  Anyway, when we are home Sister always finds some way to make it in there.  One afternoon I couldn't find her and when I did, she was in Mama's office applying her own makeup!  I think she would be a great makeup artist in Hollywood!  Before reading this information, did you look at these pictures and think, "that poor child was abused?"  I would have!  She did a great job applying the makeup (she didn't share exactly what she used)! 

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czstout said...

Wow Shannon!! I totally thought she fell or something :] Good thing it was just the make-up! Congrats on your Mary Kay success! WE miss Lukey and Caroline!!