Friday, January 21, 2011

December activities

Right after Thanksgiving we stayed with Mama and Daddy so I could recooperate from my surgery.  Here are a few things we did while we were in Alexandria. 

Caroline helped decorate Mama and Daddy's tree. 

We went to Downtown Alexandria to see this cute miniature church. 

We went inside a cute gingerbread house and Sister found this cute Mickey Mouse.

Then we headed over to Atwoods Bakery.  Whenever we're home, we go to Atwoods for every holiday!  They have the most delicious sweets and treats! 
Luke got a gingerbread man. 

Caroline found Santa's elf.

Over the holidays Caroline went through a phase where she wanted every baby to have a diaper change, like 100 times a day.  They all "poo pooed", all the time all day long!  It was exhausting to change all these diapers.  So, when we got Santa out this year, Santa accidently had a "poo poo".  Poor Santa he needs a diaper! 

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