Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

This year I just did not have the energy to decorate all three trees.  I thought the most important were the kids. So, before we left town for my surgery, I decorated both trees and we put the family tree up, but didn't decorate it. 

Luke's Tree.  His tree is decorated with all kids of STUFF!!  I didn't do such a great job, I was in a hurry.  His room has a Lodgy theme to it, so we kept with the rustic feel. 

Caroline's room is very girlie...multiple shades of pinks, brown and ivory.  We branched out of those color schemes a tad and added a little color and sparkle.  Also, I had to find what wasn't breakable. 

Just for the record, I ended up decorating our Family tree...with ornaments the kids made at school.  When I took the tree down this year.  I kept all of them from the last two years.  Next year I'm going to buy a small tree and only handmade ornaments by the kids will go on that it. 

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