Sunday, August 1, 2010

Change of plans!

It's funny how life changes so quickly...just when you think you've got somewhat of a game plan, it's all thrown out the window, just to start again.  Right after I wrote my last post, I was offered a part-time Speech Therapy position with the Lafayette schools.  When I found out when inservice began, I let myself panic just a little bit before I pulled it together again.  I received the call last Wednesday and I would need to start the following Wednesday in another town 1 1/2 hrs away!  So, that meant we had to find a home, babysitter for the extra day that I would work and figure our how the kids would get to and from their Mother's Day Out program.  We went this weekend with the kids to Lafayette and were lucky enough to find 2 homes that we were interested in renting.  Now we just have to make a decision.  My Grandmother will come and stay with the kids one day while I'm gone and we have a sweet babysitter that will take over the other two days this coming week.  Hopefully we'll have the movers bring our things from Dallas next Friday and we can move in to our new house.  The following week Luke and Caroline will go ahead and have their scheduled surgeries.  We've (Me, Jon and Mama) planned on taking off different days off to be with the kids while they recover.  I'm dreading that already.  But, as of August 13th (which happens to be Friday the 13th) we'll move into our new house!  I just got a reputable reference on a sitter and I'm going to call her after this post...after I say a little prayer! 

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